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Musings from the attic during #Lockdown

Work in progress in the attic during in Lockdown 18th June Over the last few months, d uring COVID-19 Lockdown, I have had a chance to think about my art practice/life and what is important in the great scheme of things.   The compulsory time has made me completely slow down to a pace I have never really experienced before.  I am still learning about how to live in this 'new normal', but I am relishing the concept of 'slow time' and living in the moment much more. I am now drawn to simpler things, like how the light falls on the garden at different times of the day, or the pattern of brickwork on a wall when taking my daily exercise.  I am noticing much more and spending less time on electronic devices or watching TV.   I have become very attached (more than usual anyway!) to my attic studio and garden during this period and have been growing herbs, veg and have even built a wildlife pond (one of the best things I've ever done!) with my hubby in our long terraced ga