Musings from the attic during #Lockdown

Work in progress in the attic during in Lockdown 18th June Over the last few months, d uring COVID-19 Lockdown, I have had a chance to think about my art practice/life and what is important in the great scheme of things.   The compulsory time has made me completely slow down to a pace I have never really experienced before.  I am still learning about how to live in this 'new normal', but I am relishing the concept of 'slow time' and living in the moment much more. I am now drawn to simpler things, like how the light falls on the garden at different times of the day, or the pattern of brickwork on a wall when taking my daily exercise.  I am noticing much more and spending less time on electronic devices or watching TV.   I have become very attached (more than usual anyway!) to my attic studio and garden during this period and have been growing herbs, veg and have even built a wildlife pond (one of the best things I've ever done!) with my hubby in our long terraced ga

Musings from the attic

Musings and thoughts from my studio.... 3rd April 2020 This is my first Blog from my Attic Studio ....... In these worrying, uncertain times, with COVID-19 Virus effecting every part of our modern society it seemed the ideal time to reflect on my art practice.  Social distancing and isolation are now the daily norm in the UK, so I decided to turn this isolation period into something positive for my studio work.  Hence this Blog,  it's something I've been meaning to do for a very long time - so here it goes!!!! Being in my attic studio for a few weeks now, has made me reflect about life and how very precious it is.  It's posed questions as to why I paint and what is the driving force behind my creative practice.  Although, this isn't the first time in the past couple of years that I've reflected on life, existence and human mortality.   Christmas 2017 As an artist it didn't occur to me that a serious illness could blight my painting practi